Hollywood Smile

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Hollywood smile:

this modern smile invades the minds , what are your opinions ( dentists and technician ) about it ? 

This patient wanted to change her smile's style , Dr-Hosam Alnomeri decided to make a normal smile without prep. , I made thin veneers (0,2 mm ) of BL2 shade , but the patient refused the result because it was too normal and she wants a stars smile . 

In order to the patient we remake the case with prep. and BL1 shade although we don't prefer it but the patient' demand must be respected . 

As to me I prefer BL2 with some effects , I'd like to know your opinions about Bl1 smile .


With Dr: (Dr-Hosam Alnomeri )_Syria - Damascus

D.T : (Rama Hasan )_Syria - Damascus



(Before prep)



(The ingot is HT BL2)




(HT BL2)




(0,2 mm thickness)




(Thin Veneers of 0,2 mm thickness)




(After cementation the thin Veneers)





(BL1 Veneers)












(Hollywood Smile)









(The final result)






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