Programat P710

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The Programat P710, premium furnace of the product family of the Programat furnaces convinces with its innovative technique and exclusive design.

The intelligent Programat infrared technology heightens the process reliability and allows for faster firing with high-quality results. The infrared thermal camera automatically controls the pre-drying and closing processes. Three-step heating and two-step cooling modes enable complex firing processes.

With the help of the patented Digital Shade Assistant (DSA) the selection of the tooth shade can be achieved instantly. A special image processing software compares the tooth to be analyzed with three pre-selected shade guide teeth in a picture and selects the best matching one. In this way, the tooth shade is determined in next to no time.

Programat P710 features a built-in Bluetooth hands-free phone system, which connects the user’s mobile phone (Bluetooth enabled) with the furnace. The personal contact list will be automatically displayed on the furnace screen. The Programat P710 is easy to operate by means of the 7-inch large colour touchscreen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. Multimedia data (PDF, images, video and MP3 data) can easily be transferred to the furnace via SD card reader or USB flash drive. 

The unit features the new IRT2 function as of software version V3.0. This function enables contact-free measurement of the temperature on the surface of the restoration while the furnace opens after the firing cycle and indicates the best time for removing the fired restoration from the furnace.




  • Integrated infrared thermal camera for optimal pre-drying processes
  • IRT2 function: indicates the best time for removing the fired object from the furnace
  • DSA (Digital Shade Assistant) function for digital shade matching
  • Integrated Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Three-step heating and two-step cooling programs
  • Gloss adjustment assistant
  • Acoustic voice output in 25 languages
  • Multimedia functions (PDF, images, video and MP3 player)
  • QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector
  • Automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2)
  • OSD operating and progress display
  • Power Saving Technology
  • Power Fail Save System

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